Real Estate

Borne out of the need to house Nigerians and the growing need to provide equal grounds for small businesses to thrive.

...Silently Growing the Economy of the Nation.
Our Mission
To excel in its chosen area of business interest and by so doing, inspire and add value to its various stakeholders, while contributing to the growth of the society and humanity at large
Our Vision
To build, sustain and continuously grow the company in terms, with the dream of the founding father of a Nigerian conglomerate and global brand.
Core Values
  • Strong passion for the company’s vision
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Total compliance to all the company’s directors
  • Integrity and transparency, tenacity & determination to succeed
  • Excellence in all we do.




In 1930, a young Uche Okafor, in a small town of Unubi in Nnewi South L.G.A, ventured into the field of commerce with an initial capital of 18 shillings, 4 pence or N1.84k. His initial line of business was palm oil and later groceries. As his business horizon progressed, he diverted to the bigger markets like Onitsha in 1932.

Best Quality


U.O.O Nigeria Plc has provided quality products from the best in the industry and our product is of the highest quality which is synonymous with our trademark of quality.



Following the trend of economic growth in the real estate and agricultural sectors of the nation, U.O.O Nigeria Plc has joined the league in repositioning for greatness in strategic growth and development. It has rebranded itself to meet the wind of technology blowing across the globe.